About RSLV

We began this site to fill a need other sites did not. Information about law settlements runs rampant across the internet, but it’s unsorted and random, rising in news feeds as quickly as it’s replaced. The information included in these stories is often disjointed and arbitrary, providing no insight or deeper understanding. It left us wanting. As a law firm ourselves, we searched through these stories looking for a community. We strived to connect with the best in the business and learn from each other. The expertise, knowledge, and professionalism behind these record-setting legal verdicts are what we found so inherently enticing about them, but these details were so rarely included. Our curiosity and ambition led us to dig deeper.

While there are means of connecting to others in the legal field, these methods are sporadic and irregular, based on membership and meet-and-greet events that don’t provide the real, meaningful partnerships we desired to build.

A unified community of exceptional legal professional does not, in current time, exist. These paradigms of achievement continue to excel in their fields but do so in general isolation. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise continue to grow in their communities and their firms, but reaching out to others is exceptionally difficult. Worries about competition and contradicting viewpoints often stymied true connection and prevented the community from uniting together to flourish. We decided to take one step against this trajectory. 

From this absence, we built Record-Setting Legal Verdicts. RSLV goes beyond the basic facts of a settlement to look at the law firms and the teams within them. We don’t merely provide you with the basics. We offer the details and the nuance beyond the headlines. Who was on the team and why did they succeed? What makes them unique amongst everyone else? Why’d they take the case? How do they continue to push the legal field forward?

We look beyond the headline and the payout to find what makes the firm and its team tick. The success of a settlement lives or dies by the skills of its lawyers, and the lawyers at RSLV know what it takes to win the nation’s most significant lawsuits. We crave an understanding of those in our profession, and we aim to disperse that understanding amongst the people who need it most: those seeking legal representation and partnerships.

It’s not enough to recognize that a legal team can win a monumental settlement for someone else. You need to know they can win it with you. Personality clashes upend teams all the time, and the law is no exception. While the profiles on RSLV can’t guarantee you’ll find your perfect lawyer or firm, they can guide you in the right direction, leading you towards those who share your sensibilities and know how to communicate to you personally.

We can do this because we take a personal interest in everyone we commend. The law firms and teams included on this site are hand selected by our team of experienced lawyers and writers who research each candidate to ensure they meet our rigorous standards of excellence and achievement. Big wins alone aren’t enough. Our team rakes through journals, publications, and news feed to find those who are both successful and dependable. Those prestigious enough to be on our site earn their space through hard work, integrity, and continued achievement.

When you partner with the firms found here, you can move forward with confidence. You’ve picked a legal team that will represent you with candor and professionalism, rising to the highest levels of what’s expected of them. Our firms are noted in their fields and their communities for their commitment to the profession and their clients. You simply won’t find anyone better.

We strive to make your search as painless as possible. We know what it feels like to hunt for hours to still not find what you were looking for, and that will never be the experience on our site. RSLV was created to explicitly counter that a empty void of information, and we’ve compiled extensive data on the cases and firms included here to guarantee you find what you’re looking for.

It all starts with good organization. The settlements and verdicts are separated by both state and total amount, offering you multiple ways to look at each firm’s achievements. Cases can be further divided by category to ensure you find exactly who you’re looking for. If there’s something more you’d like to know, reach out! Our team is always glad to answer any and all questions and are ravenous researchers. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it. Be it defective drugs, medical malpractice, personal injuries, or employment and labor disputes, you can quickly and easily find the top earners and the most successful firms in a specific field.

And because they’re on RSLV, you can trust that they’re both top earners and exceptional professionals. Our reputation is built on the experiences of those using our services. We endeavor to lift the field up as a whole by forging community and supporting those who exemplify what we want the future of the profession. We’re by no means a small group. In the United States, there are

  • 1.3 million registered lawyers
  • 47,000+ law firms
  • Over 100 million new lawsuits filed every year

The potential for a thriving and exceptional community to grow out of these raw numbers is what keeps us working and keeps us motivated. As we look towards the future, we hope to build one that is more collaborative and unified than ever before, one that connects the exceptional in the field and uses their skill set to lift the entire profession higher. We hope you’ll join us on our journey and our passion.