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It’s a rare thing when a law firm becomes a part of history. It’s even rarer when a trial lawyer consistently plays a role on the national stage again and again, helping people live safer and freer lives.
Led by Geoffrey Fieger, renowned for winning both injury verdicts and his work with suicide-doctor Jack Kevorkian, the Fieger Law firm has spent half a century securing the largest personal injury andmedical malpractice verdicts in the United States in some of the most notable cases in the country’s history.
Our firm won the largest verdict in Michigan history, and one of the largest nationwide: $144 million for a little girl who was permanently brain damaged at birth. We aren’t afraid of anyone.
Achieving justice for those who can’t fight for themselves is the everyday mantra at Fieger Law. Our work to help victims in the Flint Water Crisis is setting important legal precedents, paving the way for others to get the support and repayment they need.
We hold police officers and public servants accountable for misconduct, and we fight to ensure that our legal system addresses people of all races equally.

Top 5 largest verdicts

  • A $144.5 million verdict obtained by Fieger Law in 2011 is the largest ever awarded in a medical malpractice case in the nation. VanSlembrouck v. Halperin, et al, Circuit Court of Oakland County, Michigan, Case No. 06-074585-NH (2011) (birth trauma).
  • Wayne County Jury Awards $135 Million Malpractice Verdict Against DMC. Largest Verdict In The USA for 2018.
  • Geoffrey Fieger recently won the largest verdict in Indiana history in the case of Moreland v Dieter et al. $56.5 million verdict – Moreland v. St Joseph County, et al, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Case No 3:99 CV-607-PS (2002) (jail death).
  • In 2016, Geoffrey Fieger, along with co-counsel Jack Beam, won this record-setting jury verdict in the case of Isaiah Ewing vs. University of Chicago Hospital. Isaiah was born with a severe brain injury after suffering 12 hours of fetal distress due to the negligence of medical staff, who later mounted a cover-up. The medical malpractice verdict is the largest ever in Cook County, Ill. and will ensure Isaiah’s medical costs are covered for the rest of his life.
  • Attorney Geoffrey Nels Fieger is recognized for the top jury verdict of the year, $40 million in the medical malpractice case of the Estate of Terrea Holly v. Detroit Receiving Hospital and Detroit Medical Center.

Largest Verdict- Case Details

  • Settlement Amount : $144.5 Million
  • Type of Case : Birth Trauma
  • Name of Case : VanSlembrouck v. Halperin Case No. 06-074585-NH
  • Court : Circuit Court of Oakland County,
  • Date : January 15, 2008
  • State : Michigan
  • Lead Planitiffs Attorney Name : SERVITTO, P.J., and SAWYER and MURRAY, JJ.Fieger, Fieger, Kenney, Johnson & Giroux, P.C. (by William J. McHenry and Heather Jefferson), and Beam & Raymond Associates (by Jack Beam and Douglas J. Raymond), Southfield, Lafayette, CO for the plaintiffs
  • Plaintiffs Law Firm : CREIGHTON JOHNSEN & GIROUX / Beam & Raymond Associates
  • Law Firm Phone Number : 716-854-0007 / (866) 766-3806
  • Law Firm URL : ""
  • Lead Defense Attorneys : lunkett Cooney (by Robert G. Kamenec and Kristen M. Netschke) Bloomfield Hills for the defendants.
  • Defenses Law Firm Name : Bloomfield Hills
  • Law Firm Phone Number : None
  • Law Firm URL : None