Bicycle Accidents



Cycling is trending as a method of exercise and means of transportation all over the state of Alabama. However, this also means being involved in a bicycle accident in Alabama is on the rise. Unlike passengers in vehicles, bicyclists are prone to a higher exposure of harm. Safety helmets and padding, as well as awareness, can only protect to a limited extent. Riding a bicycle and being hit by a car can result in devastating consequences. Medical bills and loss of income can quickly add up while the victim is in recovery. It is unlikely that cyclists have insurance companies to fill their needs in a legal procedure. Contacting a personal injury lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents is the next logical step after seeking medical attention. You may have a claim to recoup financial losses from these mounting medical bills and to satisfy any loss in income as well as personal and mental anguish.

According to Alabama state law, motor vehicles must yield the right of way to cyclists. The best way to defend your claim to who was at fault is to speak with an injury lawyer in Alabama as soon as possible. The attorneys at will help you file a claim, investigate the scene, and handle all communications between the necessary parties so you can focus on healing physically and mentally. The cause of the bicycle accident might not be the car crashing into the bicycle but due to some other negligence that caused the bicycle to hit another object or fall off the road. If you were involved in a bicycle accident than speaking with a personal injury attorney is your best approach. They know what actions can be taken and how to process the information.

Financial compensation will depend on many factors. The lawyers at will let you know what you may be entitled to as well as what paperwork you need to track so they can get you the full compensation you require. They are committed to serving you with compassion as you go through this difficult ordeal. Your case may even serve to help others avoid a similar fate if the roads do not meet proper safety guidelines.

Dealing with this process on your own means you will take a lot of blame from the defendant’s insurance companies and associated lawyers. Having a knowledge resource such as in your corner will serve as the institution you need to handle such a case. If you were the victim or a family member of a bicycle accident then please feel free to contact as soon as you can after the incident. They can best determine what next actions should be taken and what you are entitled to under Alabama law. A specializing in lawsuits related to bicycle accidents will have the patience and understanding to proceed with your case and let you know what to expect in the coming months as your case moves forward.