Dog Bites



Dog Bites Can Be Debilitating—Let an Experienced, Fearless Dog Bite Attorney Fight For Your Rights
You may have been walking down your own street and the neighbor’s dog ran up and bit you or worse, the dog bit your child. Perhaps your child suffered dog bite facial disfigurement or has a broken finger after being bitten. You have medical bills and perhaps can’t work because of the dog bite trauma and long recovery process. If the dog bite was a commercial property accident, if it was an apartment owner’s dog or a store owner’s dog that bit you, your legal situation is even more complicated. There are also dozens of dog bite deaths every year, which can mean a wrongful death case. We help dog bite victims just like you, pursuing the dog owner’s premises liability insurance to cover your medical costs, lost wages or other dog bite related expenses.

Attacked by a Dog? Call a Personal Injury Lawyer As Aggressive as the Dog That Bit You
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an average of 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in this country. Nearly 20% of dog bite victims-nearly 900,000 people-require medical treatment of some kind, including tens of thousands of dog bite victims who require reconstructive surgery.

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