Nursing Home Accidents



The elderly are one of the most vulnerable populations in society today. Many of our elderly are not able to care for themselves or communicate effectively with those around them. This makes them an easy target to be taken advantage of as they are often at the mercy of their caretakers. Since many age-related diseases and disorders demand around-the-clock care, many families entrust their loved ones to nursing homes to provide their aging family members with the care they need. When nursing homes violate that trust and abuse or neglect those in their care, there is legal action that may be taken.

Sadly, nursing home abuse is all too common across the United States. Many nursing homes are for-profit corporations and maximize profits by hiring less qualified workers and understaffing their facilities. This accounts for much of the neglect nursing home residents encounter. And this can be dangerous-especially when your loved one’s well-being is dependent upon continual care. In addition to neglect, some nursing home workers take advantage of residents, knowing that the elderly people entrusted to their care cannot speak out against them. If you believe your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important to contact a Chicago nursing home negligence lawyer to see what can be done to protect the rights of your loved one.

Proving that a nursing home or its employees are liable for the injuries your loved ones have sustained involves more than showing that someone was careless. You must show that an employee breached the standard of care that was owed. We will work with you to uncover the facts that may tend to show there was a breach of this duty.