Pedestrian Accidents



Alabama law is very clear for motor drivers in stating that the pedestrian has the right of way. However, pedestrian accidents do occur. This is rarely due to malicious behavior on the driver’s part or from pedestrians failing to comply with safety regulations. If you are a pedestrian who was hit by a car then you may have a legal recourse to remedy medical bills as well as loss of wages and mental anguish from the pedestrian accident. Because of the unprotected nature of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle, the personal body damages can amount to severe life threatening injuries. The victim can be left with disabilities that cause them to lose the ability to work and socialize in a normal capacity.

If you suffer from an injury related to a pedestrian accident then the law provides many options for you to recover monetary needs for medical bills, lost wages, and mental anguish. Discussing your situation with an injury lawyer in Alabama can help you understand what actions can be taken to recover financial needs. It is rare that pedestrians are responsible for road accidents so if you were hit by a car while walking then you may have a case. The attorneys at know Alabama law and what you as a pedestrian are entitled to. They have the resources to accumulate the necessary evidence to build a case and can guide you through the process.

Some pedestrian accidents may due to the improper posting of signs or crosswalks. Bring this to a lawyer’s attention is the best decision to secure the safety of others and prevent this from happening again. The automobile driver will most likely have insurance and those companies will start to investigate the matter. However, they will not serve the interests of you the pedestrian as best they could. Finding a personal injury lawyer who knows the law in Alabama can greatly serve your needs. There is no insurance company for being a pedestrian so if you are the victim of an accident you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Alabama as soon as you can.

The attorneys at have the compassion and understanding to help those in need. From filing the proper paperwork and communicating with all the associated parties, you can focus on healing your body. The process of filing a lawsuit is difficult and time-consuming. However, the lawyers at can let you know what to expect in the coming months. If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident then call at the number below. Even if you do not have the information of the driver, they can assist you in the next steps to take. You are not alone, there is hope. With all the traffic cameras on the road and the implement of today’s technology, you can find a way to claim what you are rightfully due as a victim.