Ridesharing Accidents



Ridesharing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With companies like Uber and Lyft providing cheaper rides than the average taxi cab and being able to pick riders up from a location with just a few pushes of a button from a smartphone. These drivers are susceptible to accidents just like any other driver. In fact, because of the long hours they spend driving and the rush to accumulate what funds they can they are more likely to be in an accident compared to the average commuter. Uber, for example, has its own million dollar insurance policy to cover their customers. Along with this policy comes high-priced lawyers who will defend the company they work for. If you were involved with in an accident involving an Uber driver then you may have severe complications. These can include medical bills, personal injury, mental anguish, or property damage. Finding an attorney that knows Alabama law is essential to claiming what you are entitled to.

If you are a passenger in a vehicle driven by an Uber driver and in an accident then discussing your case with the people at will help you focus on what matters. Seeking medical attention for any bodily harm is the first most important thing. After that, they personal injury attorneys will help you file the case and determine who was most at fault. In many cases, it is the overworked driver who might be negligent. It other cases it could be the fault of the other driver or the conditions of the road. Uber will only do what they need to protect themselves so finding your own lawyer who fights for your cause and retribution is a logical step to recovery.

The attorneys at understand the law in Alabama as well as Uber policy and how to best navigate through these tricky waters. They can help if you were involved in an Uber accident if you were the Uber driver, the Uber passenger, or another driver, cyclist, or pedestrian hit by an Uber driver. The law is a tricky thing and you are not only going up against another party but a large entity. The personal injury lawyers at will process the necessary legal paperwork and communicate with the appropriate parties so you can focus on healing physically and mentally.

To understand what you as a victim of an Uber accident are entitled to please feel free to contact an attorney at the number below and a specialist who understands the process will guide you through this will compassion. Waiting for the Uber policy insurance can be awfully time consuming and may not cover all the necessary medical bills as well as provide nothing in the way of compensation for wages lost or mental anguish. The personal injury lawyers of are on your side to tackle the case as needed so you can recover to your life as stress-free as possible.